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Peace of mind, all year long

Do you fly more than five times a year? Upgrade to Enjoy! Gold and get one year of access to the Fast Lane and lounges. You also get a bTag, our AI bagage tracking solution, with lifetime validity. All this for €295, including VAT. 

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Fast Lane and lounges: departure in full comfort

A highly enjoyable experience, even before taking-off. Go through security screening at lightning speed with Fast Lane. Relax or get some work done in the Diamond Lounge. Convenience? Check!

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Great experience upon arrival at Brussels Airport

Who said arriving can’t be fun? Take your time and enjoy your airport visit. Your suitcase with attached bTag keeps you in the loop about its arrival time on the belt. Ease of mind? Check!

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What does it contain?


In full comfort towards your destination. Every time.
€ 295
Valid for 1 year
10 x Fast Lane Pass
10 x Lounge Pass
3 bTags
VisaMasterCardBankContactAmerican ExpressAliPayOther Payment

Our experience in numbers

108 yearsof experience
50k +Lounge visitors per year
1m +Fast Lane users per year
26.4m +passengers per year

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Frequently asked questions

Gold Bundle

  • You find the overview of your purchase in your Order History when you log in. You can also see and use your passes in your Enjoy! Dashboard.

  • Yes, please send an e-mail to customer.care@brusselsairport.be mentioning your address and your Enjoy! number.

  • No. They can buy their tickets on the Fast Lane and/or lounge website.

  • You can always find your unique QR-code in your account when you login into your Enjoy! dashboard. Your QR-code is also sent to you in your order confirmation e-mail.

  • No, your QR-code is personal. For B2B purposes, you can contact comfortservices@brusselsairport.be

  • Yes. Just make sure your shipping address is in Belgium to receive your bTags.

  • No. Your QR-code is valid for direct use at Fast Lane and the lounges. Your bTags have a lifetime validity.

  • Enjoy! is Brussels Airport’s Rewards & Experience programme. You get access to a range of events, contests and benefits the second you become Enjoy! member. You can also earn Hearts for purchases in our online shop. They will be added to your account so you can trade them in for the benefits you prefer. Learn more here.

  • You will be asked to create your Enjoy! account during the purchase of the Gold Bundle.

  • The Hearts for your order will be added to your account after 24 hours, or, if you purchased other products as well, after pick-up of your products.

  • You can reach our support team via customer.care@brusselsairport.be

  • The passes on your unique QR-code are valid for 1 year after purchase.

  • You can purchase a new Gold Bundle on our Online Shop. This Gold Bundle will again be valid for 1 year. If you need an individual pass, you can also buy single passes on the Fast Lane or Lounge website.

  • You can find the expiration date of your passes and Gold Bundle in your Enjoy! dashboard.

  • We need to create a unique QR-code, which is linked to an Enjoy! account. You will be able to use your unique QR-code as access code for all of our services.

  • You can cancel the purchase of your Gold Bundle within 14 days after receiving your bTags. For cancellation, please send an e-mail to customer.care@brusselsairport.be. Please keep in mind that any passes that were used during the 14 days withdrawal period will be charged at full price and deducted from your refund.

  • You can buy as many Gold Bundles as you like. Each Gold Bundle is valid for one year after purchase date. Each one is for personal use through your unique Enjoy! QR-code.

  • You can find them here.

  • No. Your Gold Bundle will be valid for one year from purchase date and will not be renewed automatically.

  • Yes. The Diamond Lounges can be accessed by elevator. Wheelchair users go through a separate entrance at security screening.

  • No. Anyone is welcome to become Gold, regardless of how often you fly, your airline or booking class. Neither do you have to be a member of any frequent flyer programme.

  • While shopping at the Brussels Airport Online Shop, some information is required in order to show you correct prices (either IN EU or OUT EU) and to determine where you will be able to pick up your order.

Lounge Pass

  • You can access the Diamond Lounge upon showing your unique QR-code during the opening hours.

  • Anyone with a valid Enjoy! Gold membership and upon showing his/her unique QR-code.

  • Children under 12 years of age have free access.

  • Both the Diamond Lounge in gates A as the Diamond Lounge in gates B. They are open from 5 AM to 9 PM every day. (5 AM to 10 PM from 1st of May until the 30th of September).

  • No. The lounges are reserved for departing passengers only.

  • If you are traveling within the Schengen zone, meaning you are departing from Gates A, walk to Gate A42. On the opposite side of the Gate, you will find the escalator towards the lounges. At the top of the escalator turn right to go to the Diamond Lounge. This is open every day from 5AM to 9PM. If you are traveling outside the Schengen zone, meaning you are departing from Gates B, go to Gates B01-B05. On the opposite side of the gates, you’ll find the stairs and elevator which will bring you to the lounges. This is open every day from 5AM to 9PM.

  • You can find the most frequently asked questions here, or reach out to us via customer.care@brusselsairport.be.

Fast Lane Pass

  • This service allows passengers to go through Security Screening faster. The Fast Lane is situated on the right side of the security Screening platform. To use this service, you need, besides a valid boarding pass, your QR-code to access Fast Lane. Fast Lane isn’t applicable to Border Control.

  • The Fast Lane is open at security screening. You can use your Fast Lane upon scanning your unique QR-code.

  • Anyone with a valid Enjoy! Gold membership and upon showing his/her unique QR-code.

  • You can find all FAQ’s here, or reach out to us via customer.care@brusselsairport.be.


  • A bTag is a tag that you can attach to your luggage. Upon your arrival at Brussels Airport you will be informed through the bTag app on when and where your luggage is located on our luggage carousels. This allows you to better spend your time at the airport after landing on the more enjoyable things in life, like exploring the airport or having a drink.

  • Your bTags have lifetime validity.

  • The bTag attached to your bag is detected throughout its journey through the airport after landing. Each time we scan your bTag, we can give you an update on the location of your luggage. These updates can come through the bTag app, sms, e-mail or other channels of your choice.

  • After you’ve completed your purchase on our Online Shop, it will take up to a maximum of 4 days until they’re dropped into your mailbox.

  • Currently, bTags only work on the inbound flights at Brussels Airport.

  • You can find all FAQ’s here, or reach out to us via customer.care@brusselsairport.be.